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  For the birder and jungle mammal enthusiast, animal photographer and tropical botany fan, this is paradise. Literally outside our door is an array of natural riches simply there for the seeing and appreciating. With a low human population density and focused preservation initiatives, the area’s river lowlands, meadows, rainforests, cayes and marshes provide numerous habitats for the more than 618 recorded species of birds found in Belize. Adding to this bounty, the winter season brings an additional 200+ visiting migrants from North America; summertime sees an influx of South American migrant species. Impressively, a recent annual bird count logged in 276 species in a single day. Read More...

Serious and casual birders alike appreciate the lodge’s world-class guides, terraced bird-friendly landscaping, marked trails and strategically placed viewing scopes and binoculars. In a setting as unspoiled as southern Belize, wildlife sightings are certainly not limited to birds; a myriad of mammals, insects, reptiles and amphibians abound—to say nothing of our astounding botanical diversity. Prepare to be astonished with the variety and frequency of sightings, whatever your favorite flora and fauna. To benefit best from your engagement with our largesse of natural life, our best advice: an evening chat at our Ceremonial Fire Pit as a prelude to some of the most incredible communing with nature that you can imagine.

Pre-Birding Check List

Toledo District Bird List

Bird List Seen at Machaca Hill Rainforest Canopy Lodge (Shannon Schiner)

Download Bird Audio recorded at the Machaca Hill Lodge