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Exploring the placid reaches of the Rio Grande, which winds through our reserve, is a high point of any visit to Machaca Hill. From the shy fresh-water crocodiles to surprising water-bird sightings, much can be seen as you drift, in your canoe or kayak, beneath the overarching canopy of jungle hardwoods and palms. The character of the river shifts subtly, from shadowy and sheltered upstream, to bright, breezy and briny as you approach the Caribbean with its sand bars and sea birds. An alternative for those seeking a bit more excitement? Fly-fishing for the tarpon and snook which congregate in the lower reaches of the river at different times of the year. Bring your gear and prepare to be challenged!

Guided Boat Adventures on the Rio Grande and Moho rivers feature sightings of a wide variety of southern Belize’s diverse flora and fauna, including Howler Monkeys, numerous tropical birds, freshwater crocodiles, and green iguanas. The rivers, creeks and mangrove lagoons surrounding Machaca Hill are the preferred habitat for the shy West Indian Manatee.  A second tour takes guests to the nearby Sapodilla and Port of Honduras Marine Reserves and Payne’s Creek National Park.

After Dark Rio Grande Cruises offer Machaca guests an opportunity to head out with guides, utilizing red low-impact spotlights, in search of the reserve’s nocturnal creatures.  Each night it is possible to spot a wide range of nocturnal animals along the way, and the tranquility of nighttime on the river is simply mesmerizing.

Our rainforest reserve overlooks the Caribbean Ocean and is just a short boat ride away. Many marine pursuits await your indulgence. From day trips to our private Nicholas Caye, to the world-class wonders of the Belize Barrier Reef, second largest on the planet, there’s a different voice to the activities available on the open waters just off our shores.