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The centerpiece of our sustainability credo is self-sufficiency. Our efforts in this regard are two-fold: growing foodstuffs for consumption by our guests and staff, as well as producing high-quality edibles which will create income. To that end, several production initiatives are underway: cacao growing and chocolate manufacturing, gourmet coffee growing and roasting, and artisan cheese making. A singular type of guest will participate in agricultural pursuits with us. It’s a meaningful vacation which challenges the mind, body and spirit—and shows the way forward to a more responsible, and ultimately satisfying way to live on the earth.

The sustainable stewardship of our 12,000-acre reserve encompasses the core principles of leaving a very light footprint and replacing, as much as possible, as much from the earth as we extract for our own use. To those ends, we are growing (organically) as wide a variety of foodstuffs for our own use as possible within our climactic zone. This is a challenge in any case, but particularly so in the context of a luxury resort, whose well-traveled guests enjoy creative flavors, colors and aromas along with nutritious content.

Grander plans are afoot for the near future. On our own farm and in cooperation with others nearby, we will soon be producing cacao for our own chocolate, hill-grown coffee, and honey. In a related enterprise, we already have arboreal stock for citrus and banana orchards, and teak groves for our own renewable hardwood furniture.